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Well, where to start?

I could start this as in all great stories by saying '..a long time ago in a land far away..', and in essence that would be true as the club evolved from a distant shore. The reality is that this club started because one man had a vision. That man was Nic, now our hardworking and totally committed club owner and administrator, who decided that the world was ready for a new kind of virtual motorcycle club, namely one that had respect for others as its core value.

This was a bit radical as many bike clubs were aggressive, confrontational places where newbies felt intimidated and lady members were limited to a few brave souls with very thick skin who could brush aside the inevitable remarks. Nic decided he wanted a club where the term 'family friendly' was not just clever PR spin, but a reality. Nic knew a few of us already and confidential discussions started with a view to starting our own club. We were already members of other clubs, but shall we just say that we all decided we wanted a change of scenery.

There are many bike clubs on the web, some dire and some great, but we felt we were looking for a club where we respected each other and where every opinion was welcome without abuse or arguments. Our leader contacted a few of us and suggested we put our knowledge and dubious talents together to get a new club off the ground. As I look back now I realise what a formidable task that was, but the more hurdles we faced the stronger our resolve grew that we would succeed.

We had decided from day one that the membership of the club was everything - the better the members, the better the club? We wanted folks who would participate in the club (both virtually on the web, and in real life where they could), rather than build up a membership database of a thousand or more who never came back once registered - what's the point of that? A tall order we thought, but it was surprisingly easy to find Fireblade enthusiasts who felt the same. We have some great folks on the site, with more joining each week, and each one brings something new to the club. Some stay for a while and leave, that is true of all clubs, but our core membership continues to rise and the rapid growth in 2008 has been the result of us being number one in the Google search engine rankings when the word 'Fireblade' is used.

The club now has a proper financial setup that allows us to maintain this site and fund our overheads correctly, good support and sponsorship from our lead supporting companies with more in discussion, and our committee structure now has area organisers as we take the club from a virtual meeting place to a physical club that has regular meets both nationally and locally in your area. Having said that we are not a business, have no desire to be one, and still provide core benefits completely free of charge as that is an ongoing philosophy of ours.

It was always important to focus the club around the forum where we all come together and have some good natured banter, help each other and our 'newbies' with any technical problems, and arrange our meet-ups etc. To that end, and to make sure our family friendly philosophy was maintained we appointed some forum moderators. And what a great bunch they certainly are! They encourage and motivate the members to use the forum, but are there in case our fundamental principles need to be enforced. Oddly, apart from a few initial and inevitable 'would-be members' (who didn't last long due to being unwilling to live within our rules) they have had little to do since. A real testimony to our core membership of over 500 like-minded Fireblade enthusiasts.

Here's something that may be a surprise, some members don't actually own a Fireblade, and many members have additional makes of bike as well as a Fireblade. In fact a few folks don't have a blade at all and ride another make of bike! It's OK, they are receiving help and therapy... So don't feel intimidated if you don't (yet) have a Fireblade, as long as the sight of one stirs your blood you are OK in our book.

We had a great 2007 season and an even better 2008 one, full of meetings, rideouts, and other events that we encouraged members to participate in. Why not join us now for what is going to be the busiest year yet for the club? You can also show your support for the club by getting a CBRF sticker for your bike (see here) and or a club tee shirt and other club merchandise (see here) if you want it. But that said we are not on any sort of fund-raising drive. There is no membership fee for the forum or use of the majority of this website, no annual subscriptions for the free areas, and no payment expected by us for your enjoyment of this site. We do have a full membership for those that want it, and they get discounts and offers sent to them from a myriad of suppliers who are now seeking us out because of our collective purchasing power. But that is completely optional.

We do this because we love blades, and if you do then we invite you to join us. Its a great club and one where you will be respected.

Click here to join us and get your free newsletter...... then come along to the forum and have a chat, we are a friendly bunch!



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